15-16 Oct

Kawaii is one of the cute forms from Japan and played a major role during the development phase of the country. Soon it became an integral part of Japanese culture, where the citizens indulged in Kawaii products/artwork in having work-life balance.

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  • Sketching Workbook for practice
  • The complete magical process
  • A secret about the path to mastery
  • An original masterpiece by you

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The world-famous cuteness

Kawaii means cute & for centuries it is a celebrated culture of Japan. With animated movies & the popular characters, it is famous across the globe.

A therapy art form

If Pokemon, Pikachu, Hello Kitty, Totoro and The Powerpuff Girls are your cherished childhood memories, then Kawaii is for you! Rekindle the memory lane create your own cute world. With Kawaii Art, you can bring out the kid in you, create cute characters and play with your imagination!

A trendsetter

Cuteness is a never-ending trend! From children's' books to toys, advertisements to animated movies, cute things make us go awe! Kawaii is cute, fun & moreover a potential children's profession. Learn how to create & monetize your cute characters from imagination.


Immersive 2 Day Structure

Learn by Doing

Day - 1

Session - 1

Introduction to Kawaii

History of Kawaii.

Application of the Style in Real World.

Mood-board Gazing.

Reengineering Kawaii.

Break (15 mins)

Session - 2 : Kawaii Expressions (Hands On)

Expression sheet.

Kawaii faces.

Session - 3 : Introduction to Kawaii Anatomy (Hands On)

Decoding anatomy.

Rapid Sketching.

Lunch Break (30 mins)

Session 4 Mid Detail Kawaii ( hands on )

Human Characters with clothing.

Session 5 Low detail Kawaii( hands on )

Kawaii Objects.

Kawaii Food.

Kawaii Fruits and Vegetables.

Break (15 mins)

Session 6 Surrealism of Kawaii

Communicating concepts with low and mid detail Kawaii.

Day - 2

Session 7 -Art vs Design

Creating 6 low detail sets based on requirements shared.

Session 8 Kawaii elements

Understanding elements used in Kawaii.

Adding elements to the previous day characters.

Break (15 mins)

Session 9 High Detail Kawaii 1

Creating your script.

Illustration 1 with 2 human characters and environment.

Lunch Break (30 mins)

Session 10 Kawaii Animal

Understanding anatomy.

Personifying Animals.

Mid detail Animal Character.

Session 11 - High Detail Kawaii 2

Illustration 2 with 2 human characters , animal and environment.

Break (15 mins)

Session 12 -Interactive

One week mentoring.

Experience sharing.

The Process

We at Imagineers have developed a unique process which will help you with you excel

Let’s sculpt your sketches roughly

We begin with the basic anatomy and give some shape to your ideas.

How about we fine-tune them a bit?

Step by step we fine-tune every bit of your sculpture, making sure it still has a touch of your personality.

You have come so far!

When was the last time you picked up a pencil? It is a stage where you just believe and adore the work you have done till now.

Time to imagine

Time to extract the Imagine out of Imagineers at this stage & make a wish of what you want to create.

Add your own touch of creativity

A stage where you mix in the Imagination and Engineering, to make it a reality.

And you have your own creation!

With immense brainstorming, ideations, practice and patience you finally reach the stage where you are a proud owner of an original masterpiece!

Let’s stay in touch for a week!

We make sure you reach the path of mastery within a week's span by guiding you throughout.

A sneak peek into our creative world

Works of Imagineers Students

Let's feature your work here, Enroll Now!!

Who can join?

We believe anyone can draw & hence anyone and everyone is welcome to join the program. The only prerequisite we expect is a curious mind & an open heart to explore this art form.

  • Beginners - If this is your first endeavour, it is fantastic!
  • Designers and aspiring artists, Aspiring kids illustrators, dressmakers and craft-lovers
  • Students – 8th grade and above
  • Teachers who wish to make education fun
  • Parents who wish to educate kids through cute art


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A bundle of plain sheets of paper and Pencil

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A computer and a good Internet connection

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Zoom meeting installed
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Telegram Installed on your computer
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Adobe illustrator 2020 version or above installed

Wonderful words for the work we do

"I was kinda reluctant at first about the weekend program because it occupied most of my work time. I stopped my overthinking and took a leap. Spending time in this workshop has been such a good use of time. Our coordinators are patient and eloquent. I will put my experience to good use. Go Kawaii! "



"You guys are amazing. Thank you Pavithra for these amazing 2 days , you are so sweet and kind and a great teacher. I learned a lot. And Vivek sir you are an amazing person .thank you so much for helping me in everything. you are very kind and patient. it was a great experience. Looking forward to attending future programs."

Vini Jain


"The program was wonderful. Never have I ever thought I could learn these many things in two days and draw many sketches. It was well organized. The support provided by the educators were awesome. Keep up the good work team..."

Anu Prabha


"Great enthusiastic environment...A fun and happy time spent. You don't even know when time flies and you come to an end of the program and then you realise soo muchh from where you had started... great experience.. one of the best workshops I ever attended and also analyzing everyone's drawings and helping each of individual-level and continuously keeping everyone motivated ..great job..."

Pooja Vora


"I would like to thank all of your mentors that came together and decide
on these workshops. I consider myself very lucky to find you, dedicated
mentors. You do not usually come around that many good teachers.
However, all of you are so great and uplifting that I was subtly sad to
complete the sessions. But thankfully, I would look forward to future
programs and come under the guidance of your mentors again. You guys
are the best!"

Abishek Panicker


"Each and every aspect of the program is taken care of... very detailed process and encouraged everyone ..great learning session"

Ishwarya R


"Loved it as a whole. Felt bad it was only two days. I would love to learn more and be an expert so that I will teach others and make them happy just like you do"

Joseph Steffin


"One among the best online workshop and must attend for all art enthusiasts"

Ranjini Shiva


"The workshop was super packed & the best thing is post-workshop support"

Pavithra Raj


“Come with an open mindset & simply trust the process!”

Anyone can draw the Madhubani art form after the program. You do not need an artistic background to participate in this program. If you know how to draw basic shapes like squares, circles, triangles we can take it forward from there. However, a good nights sleep is highly recommended before the program to have a fresh creative mindset!

Let’s revive the ancient Indian art form together!



Hurry, Limited Seats Available

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15-16 Oct

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₹ 2,499

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Why is the fee for the Imagineers program so high in comparison to other online workshops?

The duration of other workshops that happen online is a maximum of 2 hours. But at the Imagineers program, you get a 30 hours action-packed session. We strictly follow a limited seat policy for every program so that individual attention is given to each participant. You can have one-to-one communication with the Educator and we also assign co-educators to all participants to get their doubts clarified. One week of mentoring is provided to you after the program & a review session happens after that week. You also get high-quality PDFs & many resources for you to continue practicing the art form. You remain a part of the program group where you can share your progress & look at how others are performing. All these benefits definitely justify the fee we are demanding. And this is the reason we call it a program & not just a workshop.

How many breaks do you provide during the program?

We provide 3 breaks - pre-lunch, lunch & post-lunch for you to relax a bit. The lunch break is for 30 minutes and the other two are for 15 minutes each. So you get a total of 1-hour break throughout the program.

Do I need to keep the video camera of my laptop on for this program?

For a traditional art form program, yes. You will need to keep the video camera on and tilt the screen so that we can see what you are drawing. It will be kept on purely for us to see if you are doing the process correctly & we can rectify you if you are going wrong.

Do you take Digital programs as well or only Traditional ones?

Yes, we have some interesting Digital programs in the pipeline. Some programs will cover the basics of a few designing software. While some will cover the intense digitalization of a particular art form, where we won’t be teaching any basics. The requirements for any of these programs will be mentioned on the Specific Program page so you can select the program that suits you accordingly.

I have not drawn a single drawing in my entire life but still want to be a part of this program. Can I join?

You will be pleasantly surprised to know that most of our programs are designed keeping in mind people like you! We strongly believe anyone can draw & to prove it practically, we have built up this process especially for amateurs. You can take this program as a stepping stone into the world of creativity. We do not make false promises saying someone who does not know how to draw will become a master post this program. But there will be a huge leap in their drawings for sure. Thereafter it depends on how much you practice consistently. We will provide you with all the required resources which will help you become a master of that art form.